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Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) approached Konnect Digital during the COVID-19 crackdown in Australia. Having over 250 studios nationwide, ATOD, had to temporarily shut their facilities in support of the community. With thousands of students around the country, ATOD recognised a need to bring their business online.

Konnect Digital has used the existing ATODs brand to create an elegant and easy to use mobile application. The User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) needed to flow naturally and be easy for both the students to use and the parents or guardians. The ATOD@home app has been built using React Native and is responsive across iOS, Android and importantly tablets.

The ATOD@home app is currently in beta testing and is due to be released for the use of students in March 2021.

Using ATOD's Existing Brand

ATOD is a leader in Australian dance and education. Established in 1992, the brand has been well established and is recognised internationally.

Konnect Digital applied the ATOD branding, messaging and emotion throughout the design process. When developing the UI and UX for the ATOD Home Studio app, we focused on the elegance of the existing brand and beauty of the existing imagery.

The app features customised accounts for the users, subscription payments and one off purchases and the ability to play video content within the app. We created a comprehensive flow in order to link all these features together and make them easy for both the students and parents to navigate.

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