About Konnect Digital

We believe that every company has a story to tell, and here is our very sad handwritten novel. Just kidding…From humble beginnings in little old Palmerston North, New Zealand, to Brisbane, Australia – Konnect Digital has expanded again. First a mobile app company, now a full digital fleet.


With creativity as both our guiding north star and the sinew that holds us all together in our strange family. We are a team of collaborative think doers, bound together by a love of turning wild imagination into reality.

Our team

Andrew Owen


Andrew is a helper at heart, whether it is assisting you with your software projects or gallanting the english countryside to destroy horcruxes in the hopes of avenging your parents. Andrew puts the magic in our projects with his knowledge of mischief and how to manage it.

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Pia Rees-Rogers


Pia is our habitant creative, but you will see her influencing all elements of a Konnect Digital project. A Sagittarius at heart, she creates adventurous brands and challenges your projects for the better.

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Anjuman Barui


Anjuman is one part mobile app developer, one part web developer, two parts Netflix addict and two parts music trivia expert. Is that too many parts?